Hardrock Chapter Services & Prices

Hardrock Chapter Services & Prices
Service Price Tax
Hay (per Bale) $24.44 + 6% tax= $26.00 a bale
Water (per Gallon) Deposits into AquaFlow Acct + 6% tax
Copies (per Page) $0.10 + 6% tax
Fax (per Page) $1.00 + 6% tax
Shower Usage (per Person) $0.50 + 6% tax
Wood Hauling Permit

Please come to the Chapter House for more infomation and fee schedules.

$1.00 per month from May-December; $5.00 per month from Jan-April

Navajo Nation Voters Registration

Chapter’s Community Service Coordinator is able to register.

Notary Services are also available during Chapter Business Hours.